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2020 US Blind Championship
left to right (players Pauline Downing, Jessica Lauser, Ginny Alverson)
TDs Alex Relyea and Mike Dudley
2020 Blind

2019 US Blind Championship
left to right, row 1 (Nita, Nathaniel Figueroa, Virginia Alverson, Evan Reese, Jim Homme, Jules)
row 2 (Mike, Michael Davis, Jessica Lauser, Jim Thoune, Al Pietrolungo)
row 3 (Jason, Bruce, Amy, David Rosenkoetter, John, Stephen Brumagin, Alex)

US Blind

2019 NH Closed Players & TD
left to right (Ananth Rangan, Gerry Potorski,
John Elmore, Erin Dame,
Christopher Wood, Alex Relyea,
Jean Abi Farah)
NH closed

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